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Sara gave one of the best workshops I've ever attended. There was so much substantive information that I literally took 12-pages of notes!
     -- Donna Gephart, author of DEATH BY TOILET PAPER - at the Florida SCBWI Conference

Thank you so much for coming to Kirksville and helping to make the Children's Literature festival such a success! Your remarks at the banquet dinner were both powerful and heartfelt as you spoke about the role books play in the emotional and moral lives of children. I know I speak for the committee and the many librarians, teachers, and children that attended your sessions and had books signed by you, that it was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your graciousness!
     -- Sarah Mohler, Assistant Professor of English, Truman State University

Sara Pennypacker has a wonderfully delightful manner about her that engages her audiences and leaves them with an enthusiasm for childrenís books, reading, and thinking more about their world. Iíve had her speak with teachers, children in schools, and university students, and in each setting she is a superstar!
     -- Merryl Goldberg, Professor and Director, Center ARTES, California State University - San Marcos

I am not resistant to learning but can't stand being taught. That being said, Sara Pennypacker's method of teaching was so subtle I didn't realize I was being taught at all but then I got home and was suddenly struck by just how much I'd learned--not just about writing as a craft, but myself as a writer.
     -- David Fleming, author of THE SATURDAY BOY, Viking, 2013
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