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I love to make school visits as well as speak to librarians, teachers and booksellers but, sadly, I must eliminate all school visits in 2018. I have books to write!

  • Time spent in School: I will be present in your school(s) for a full six hours. During that time I will make up to four 45 to 60 minute presentations plus a book signing(s). No presentation time is alloted for kindergarten or younger children, however, I will visit such classrooms for a short introduction about reading, if requested.
  • Preparations: In order to get the most out of the visit, all students attending the presentations should have familiarity with one or more of my books.
  • Cost: Two or more days: $1,800/day plus travel expenses; Single day visit: $2,250/day plus travel expenses (please review my appearance schedule as visits close to my location may save on expenses.)

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