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Mrs. Flickinger's Class
We love your book about Stuart. We were wondering if you might write some more books about Stuart. They are so funny! We are now going to check out the book about the Dullards! We are so excited that we have your books in our library! Thanks for writing great books! Mrs. Flickinger's class
Hello! I love your book Pax and I think you should make a part 2! I know your probably busy a lot making GREAT books but if you have time this would be AWESOME! I think it should be about Peter when he's grown up living on maybe a farm and he finds a boy ( about 11-13 ) that had ran away and the boy stays with him for awhile trying to contact family. And on Pax's side of the story he would be trying to find Peter again because Gray gets ill and Pax thinks Peter can help. These are just my suggestions and if you do make a 2 I am getting it ASAP! Sincerely, Lacey Kidwell
Hi Ms Pennypacker, I just read the book Pax and loved it. I have a couple of questions about the book. 1. What inspired you to write this book? 2. What made you think of naming the fox Pax? 3. I am thinking about writing a book one day and wondering how long did it take you to write this book and get it published? 4. Did you make this book up or is this book a true story? 5. Why did you choose to make almost all of Peterís family pass away? 6. Why did you choose to make Pax a fox and not a cat or dog? 7. Why did you choose to make Peter go live with his grandfather and not with a aunt or uncle? Thank you for writing such a wonderful story Adam age: 9 (4th grader)
Gracie Lick
hi, I love the book pax. how long did it take you to right publish and think of all the ideas for your book. your book was so fun to read I read it 2 times.
PLEASE write more Clemintine books. I have only one left to read. This is my favorite series of books.I love to read about how she goes to principal Rice almost everyday.
Hi I am Claire. I am going to be in grade 4. I loved your novel ,PAX. I was really surprised when the boy decided to leave Pax with the other foxes. I never thought he would do that! I want to be a good author when I grow up. Bye!!!!!
Hello Sarah! I really enjoyed your book clementine, I even wrote a message years ago with terrible grammar... That book really brightened up my life! Thank you for Clementine xoxo Nick
Sasha R
Dear Sara, I hope you write more books about Waylon. I like his character. -Sasha, 3rd grade
Patrycja from Poland :)
Saro .. Thank you for your book PAX. I fell in love, I cried, I moved, thanks to her. The world needs words like emotions.
Sara, I'm a middle school English teacher, and I read a LOT of young adult literature as part of my job. I just wanted to say that Pax is beautiful and poignant- I'll be reading it aloud to my students this year, and I know they will love it. Please keep writing!
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