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Mr. Joe Year 3
Hello,Sara. my students and I loved working with Clementine because my students could connect themselves with Clementine. We are looking foward to read other Clementine books. Thank you for writing and sharing Clementine with us. Kind regards, Year 3 Brazil, Aracaju-SE
Dear Sara Pennypacker, In my reading room I am reading Clementine. We are trying to figure out what Clementine's little brother's name is. We really really want you to tell us when you make a new Clementine book, and tell us what his real name is. Love, Dominic
I read Pierre in Love to my 4-year old son yesterday. I can't tell you how moved I was by this book. While at work I reread it and still reverberated within me. I am a hopeless romantic, and a single Dad whom just came out of a relationship with a woman I met after my wife departed. Reading your book truly gave me hope and inspiration. Keep writing stories, you can't imagine how much of an impact they have on people.
Hi. Just wondering if you will resume making appearances in 2019?
Sara's Comments Yes I will - but in a very limited way. Take a look at my appearances page for the latest information.
Atlantic Academy Portland
We have been reading Flat Stanley as a class and wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed them. We have written you letters which we would love to send to you. If you have an address I would love to send them on,
Hi Sara! My name is Evie and I am 11 years old. LOVE your Clementine books!! I'm doing an assignment for my Writing Class and have to send a letter to a famous person. I chose you, but can't find your address. The letter has to be sent in the mail. If you could email your address to my mom, that would be great! Thanks so much! Evie Kates
Louis Epstein
Hello Sarah, We met first at SCBWI in LA 3 years ago and I became a huge fan. Then I saw you again at SCBWI in NY and told you a little about the chapter book I was writing and you told me to talk to you when I was finished. Well after 2 years and 4 versions I finally feel proud of my work. I don't know if you want to see it. I just wanted to thank you. You have been a tremendous inspiration and a voice on my shoulder when I wasn't doing my best.
Anne and Harper
Dear Ms. Pennypacker - My daughter Harper (9) and I love your Clementine books. We read together every night before bed, and we have flown through the Clementine series - because we just can't wait to see what happens next! We finished the last book in the series last night.....do you plan to write any more Clementine books? We dearly hope so! Anne Keene Dear Ms. Pennypacker - I think that Clementine should rescue a dog and that Moisturizer and the dog don't get along very well. That's what happens here at our house! We have two cats and a dog and things can get a little crazy sometimes. Thanks for writing the Clementine books. Love, Harper
Hello Sara. I am a songwriter and after reading Your Book Pax to my son I dreamed a song and remembered it enough to write it the next morning. I would love to send the song file to you. The title is Raining Down - Song For Vola.
My daughter Haylee and I absolutely love the Clementine series. They're definitely the best children's books we've read, and I was wondering if you were doing more with Clementine other than in the Waylan series. I just love her character! The first book actually made me cry, and Haylee and I can both relate to Clementine. Thanks!
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