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Hello Sara. I just finished reading PAX and loved it. I picked it up with no knowledge or your prior work as it was a rare book with foxes as the protagonist. At first, I enjoyed trying to determine where and when the story takes place but then the timeless topics took over and became far more than a fox story. Thank you!
Please make more Clementine books I read every single one every night on my Alexa I am your biggest fan Please please please please please please please please make more Clementine books and Waylon books
Dear Sara, My name's Daniel. I'm a 11 years old brazilian boy. I bought the book "PAX" in 2016 and I read it in only 6 days. It was just amazing! I'd love to have the opportunity to read the second part of it. When do you plan to write the "PAX II"? Please let me know, so I can expect this wonderful news. Thank you very much for being such a wonderful writer. Hoping to hear from you. Daniel
Quinton and King
Hello Ms. Sara Pennypacker, Thank you for writing Stuart Goes to School. It was a very cool book. This was the first book by you that we have read, now we want to read more books by you. This was a good book! Thank you for writing good books for kids. Best wishes, Quinton and King in China
dear Sara, I just finished Pax. I am a French teacher. we work on your book with the students. they are excited. your book has been integrated into our annual literary prize. in short, I read you. and then reading the back cover, I saw that you live in Massachusetts. my sister lives in Boston with her little family. So I wanted to know where you lived. that's where I saw it was at Cape Cod. so I wanted to write to you. I loved your book but I think you know in this extraordinary country made me understand why! I visited my sister two years ago and we went to Cape Cod, I fell in love with these countries, this nature, this wild beauty. In short, I suddenly felt close to you so I wanted to thank you. I am now longing to make your works known to my own children. thanks for Pax, really!
Sara Pennypacker, PAX was amazing! I am a fifth grade teacher and I read this book to my class. I cried in the first chapter and I warned my students that it would probably happen again, and I was right. I loved this story and so did my students. When I told them that the book was over, they were so disappointed and wanted more. What a tender story you have created. Every relationship presented in the story was so real and raw. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story of love, hope, forgiveness, and loyalty.
Hi,my name is Kaitlyn Malaysia Anthony im a big fan of the book Pax im reading it for Battle of the Books it so good we will be battling against another school I can read your book forever your big fan Kailyn.xoxo.
I was browsing through my library's ebook list and ran across Pax. I didn't realize it was a children's book and thought it looked interesting. As a senior citizen I enjoyed it immensely, even when it brought me to tears. I too would like to see more on the lives of Peter and Vola and Pax. What a lovely mostly uplifting story.2g3s4
Dear Mrs.Pennypacker I most recently read your book Pax and even though I normally read a different Genre, I was impressed by the story and how it told it. One of my favorite parts of this book is when Peter met Vola. Adding Vola to the book took it from good to great. Without Vola, Peters journey would have been just a start to finish goal where all it talked about was how he only thought about Pax and his will to move on no matter what happened. However, since you added Vola, it added a new piece that had its problems like Peter did. The Beauty of Vola and her personality is that with Peter, together they keep each other in check and also push each other out of their comfort zone where they achieve more. One thing that I think you should edit about Pax is that he plays with Runt more often and creates a stronger bond with Pax. I totally think this book deserves a reward for it is just so well written, explained and developed. I hope you write another book like this. Sincerely, Andrew Tollman
Dear Sara. I am an elementary school teacher, and our school's Battle of The Books team is reading Pax for one of our books. I just finished it, and sobbed! Thank you, for sharing your gift. I look forward to reading more of your work.
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