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Our daughter, age 7, and the rest of our family love the clementine series. Are you planning to write any additional books?
Sara's Comments Always planning new books! Have you read Waylon! One Awesome Thing?
Hebron J
I loved the book Clementine's Letter because she is not a perfect person. She is really easy person to relate too. I love Clementine she is weird and unique at the same time .
alexis bissell cardinal school
what was the first book you wrote and published
Sara's Comments Dumbstruck
makenna fay ware
i am a big fan of clementine can you please make more i have only read one book but it is a relly good book me and my friends alexis addison and blake ethan and joel and can you please make more books about clemtine love makenna
Sara's Comments There are 7 Clementine books. Have you read them all? And now, there is a new book, Waylon! One Awesome Thing. If you like Clementine I think you will also like Waylon!
dear mrs pennypacker i really like the book clementines letter it is an amazing book
hi i am ethan i love the book
oh and im a really big fan
Hi, one of the assignments I had to do for a response to PAX, was to write the author and tell them my opinion of the book. Here is what I wrote. "Dear Sara Pennypacker, Pax is the best book ever. I really liked Vola’s character because she is very smart, and very interesting. She helped Peter when he had a broken bone. I would change that Peter runs away from home. I would like it more to see Pax run to him. I would have liked to see this because I would rather see Peter go to school and learn. I would also like you to add a eating contest. Peter is a very good character and he is perfect for your book because he is interesting. He is smart. He has a pet. He is a nice person because he helps out. And he likes to have fun. I thought you ended the book well because Peter did the right thing. I like the part of the story because I made an connection, I had to let go of an older dog. Thank for writing this book!"
Sara's Comments Wonderful review Zach!
Dear Sara Pennypacker, You should make a book about the adventures of Clementine and Stuart because it would be funny,mysterious,and fun for kids. Thank you, Hamid
Hi! My class and I have read Clementine and loved it. I have one question for you, how long does it take to write a book about Clementine?
Sara's Comments It can take a year!!!
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