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Dear Mrs.Pennypacker I most recently read your book Pax and even though I normally read a different Genre, I was impressed by the story and how it told it. One of my favorite parts of this book is when Peter met Vola. Adding Vola to the book took it from good to great. Without Vola, Peters journey would have been just a start to finish goal where all it talked about was how he only thought about Pax and his will to move on no matter what happened. However, since you added Vola, it added a new piece that had its problems like Peter did. The Beauty of Vola and her personality is that with Peter, together they keep each other in check and also push each other out of their comfort zone where they achieve more. One thing that I think you should edit about Pax is that he plays with Runt more often and creates a stronger bond with Pax. I totally think this book deserves a reward for it is just so well written, explained and developed. I hope you write another book like this. Sincerely, Andrew Tollman
Dear Sara. I am an elementary school teacher, and our school's Battle of The Books team is reading Pax for one of our books. I just finished it, and sobbed! Thank you, for sharing your gift. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Kathleen Halleck
Dear Sara: My grandson, Sean (9 yrs. of), and I just finished reading "Pax" last night. WE LOVED IT! But, we both feel that the story should continue - what happens to the little fox family that Pax has joined...what happens to Peter? Somehow thinking maybe Vola could accept some if not ALL of them into her life...? Is there a sequel planned??
My 11 year-old grand daughter told me about how she loved reading Pax. I just finished it, too and having written down some of the life lessons and painted my version of Pax. Yes, a sequel would be great ! We both love nature and wildlife. Thank you so much, Sandy
Hi Ms.Pennypacker! I just finished your book PAX just a minute ago.The book was truly amazing and really liked it.Although I have a few questions.Will there be a sequel? If so will Pax come back to Peter and live with him?How did you decide to have Peter and Pax separate?(I'm sorry the end tore me apart.)Will there be a movie?Thanks!
Mrs, Ernst's Grade 4/5 Class
Dear Sara, we thought your book was marvelous. Your book made us want to cry and we felt like we were actually with Peter and Pax. It was an emotional roller-coaster and heartbreaking in parts but we loved it. We would love a prequel and sequel to Pax. Do you think that Pax will be made into a film? We think that it was great because it was descriptive and easy to visualize in our heads. Thank you so much for writing this book. We give it five stars!!!!!!
Hi, I was wondering if you are writing a sequel to Pax. I really loved your book and really hope there will be a sequel! Yours truly: Molly, age 12
i love all the clementine books. Would you please write more clementine books?
Dear Sara! I like very much your books! My class is doing the same thing you did. We drew Clementines, then we got them to our houses to take pictures with them! And I liked very much this experience!
Maria Siqueira
Dear Clementine, I would like to read all of your books. They are so silly and with a celebration in the end..a happy celebration!
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