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Dear Sara Pennypacker, My name is Kait and I read your book Pax. The book was really well written and I love the emotional connections between the characters. Like everyones favourite human to pet (Pax and Peter) or human to human bond (Vola and Peter) or even the father, son relationship (Peter and his dad) all these built a strong and memorable base for the books storyline. The book has such a misunderstood topic between pets and humans that makes this story really inspiring. The ending tho got me heart broken. I can't understand Peter's pain that he will have for leaving his fox a second time. I also am so happy of how far Peter went out of his way to get his fox back. I find that so inspiring and I can't imagine how far he would have kept going. Peter and his Father do have me concerned. His father is so hurtful to him yet he keeps pushing and his Father is still giving him a hug. Peter's Father needed that hug but not as much as Peter needed his fox yet he still left Pax behind. How devastating. I loved Pax so much and I'm so excited for the next book. I'm really excited to see where Vola is at and what's gonna happen with Peter and Pax. Thank you for writing an amazing book!
Dear Sara, My second graders loved Clementine so much that they are now reading several other books in that series. However, there is a question they hope you will answer. What is Clementine's brother's name? We are desperate to know. Thank you!
Sara's Comments Honestly, even after writing all these books, I still do not know myself...
hi, Mrs Pennypacker. My name is Eva and i am 9 almost 10 years old and i REALLY enjoy reading the Clementine series. When i read your books i laugh so hard and feel so happy and comfortable that i feel like a friend of yours. My most favourite character is Margret. She is a girl just like me and there aren't many books written about girls that are super clean and do not like germs and like i said i LOVE reading about her. Sometimes i actually pull out parts from the book about Margret and only read those. I know that there must be some kids that are just like me and do you think that you could write a book about Margret for me and those other kids that feel the same way?
Hi Sara, me and my friends are making a clementine movie one of my friends is taking it so seriously that she made me memorize how to spell clementine. We’re going to start filming on Sunday. can I please have permission to make a movie? Ps I love the Waylon and clementine books (were reading them at school) -Maya
Sara's Comments Sounds like fun!
Fiona Joaquin Agatha
Dear Sara Pennypacker Hi my name is Fiona, I'm 10 year old and I love your books. You can Write more books if you'd like! I love your books. You can send them in my favorite shop because I found your here in the real world book at my favourite book store. The name of the book store is periplus in the country Indonesia and the city is surabaya. Periplus can be found in Ptc or pakuwon mall. I would also enjoy if you would like to make a kids book for my sister. My sister would love that. Maybe a thomas train book? Haha! From your niece: Fiona
Ms. Sepe & Ms. Vultaggio's Class, New York
Hi Sara! We have been reading the Clementine series and we LOVE it! So far we have read Clementine, The Talented Clementine, and Clementine's Letter. We love the series because it is very funny and silly! We think it is so funny how Clementine calls her brother by vegetable names. Will there be more books in the Clementine series? We hope the series gets made in a movie someday! Thank you for writing such a wonderful fun series! From, Ms. Sepe & Ms. Vultaggio's Class
Gabriella Galli
Hi My Gabriella Galli, I love your books on Clementine.She is so funny. I hope to read your message back! From Gabriella Galli
ireland long
I love school and I want you to visit parkdale elemartary school and you are the best author ever
Skylie Ramos
Hi, I love Pax. It is the best book I have ever read and I have read a lot. I can't wait till the next book comes out. Keep writing! Skylie 10
VERY EXCITED to read the Journey Home this fall! Sharing with my students the great news! (I am a library aide) Inspiring the kids to read PAX over the summer if they haven't! Thank you for creating wonderful journeys for the kids to read!
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