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hi i love your book PAX because that's my name and because it's very adventurous and fun.
Sara's Comments Wonderful name!
Sara, I'm in the process of completing an anthropomorphic novel for middle-schoolers and read PAX to make sure I fit into the middle-school group. Loved it and couldn't put it down! I was trying to guess ahead what would happen but guessed wrong: I thought there might be a confrontation between Vola, who follows Peter. But that would have been mean-spirited and agreed with your great ending. Fantastic book!
Sara's Comments Thank you so much!
hello Miss Pennypacker, I would like there to be a sequel to Pax. I just finished reading Pax today. I loved Pax. It was amazing!!!! from Dillon
i have recently read your novel, Pax. I enjoyed it alot. I liked how the narration switched back and forth between Pax and Peter, so i could see what was going on on both sides of the story. I also liked how it was an adventure story, because it always keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Pray that PAX will be translated into ALL languages where books are in print around the world. Very inspirational! P. S. Laura's grandmother (Hillary's friend)
I would love to see Pax made into a movie. Have you pursued that? It would be great. Thanks for the book, and please recommend other books for those who loved Pax. Thank you.
I am a first grader I am reading your first book I like the part where clementine cuts Margaret's hair. Vivian
Abbie and Becky
Dear Sara - just wanted to tell you how much we adore Clementine and Waylon. I've cried several times reading your books (which is a good thing) and my 6-yr-old (and even the 3-yr-old) LOVE them. We want more! We used to live on the Cape and also enjoy birding. Thank you for creating such wonderful characters. Can't wait to find out what happens to them next! Becky
Abbie and Becky
Dear Sara - we absolutely love Clementine and Waylon! They have made me cry several times (which is a good thing). My 6 yr-old (and even 3-yr-old) love her, and we can't wait to find out what will happen next. You write such wonderful, interesting characters - I just adore Clementine and her family, and Waylon too. We also love birding and lived on the Cape. Thank you!!!
Are you going to make a new Pax? The book was terrific and sad. I want to know if Bristle and Runt and Pax are going to follow Peter to Vola's house.
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