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Hello Sara. I am a songwriter and after reading Your Book Pax to my son I dreamed a song and remembered it enough to write it the next morning. I would love to send the song file to you. The title is Raining Down - Song For Vola.
My daughter Haylee and I absolutely love the Clementine series. They're definitely the best children's books we've read, and I was wondering if you were doing more with Clementine other than in the Waylan series. I just love her character! The first book actually made me cry, and Haylee and I can both relate to Clementine. Thanks!
Hi Sara! Please write Pax #2!! Iím a mom to two kids and we are big readers in our house. I just finished Pax and couldnít put it down! What a wonderful, beautifully written book! We would love a sequel :)
Eastgate First Grade
Dear Ms. Pennypacker, We loved reading both Stuart's Cape and Stuart Goes to School. We really want you to write another adventure about Stuart. Here are some of our ideas: * Stuart Goes to Fourth Grade * Stuart's New Cape * Stuart Loses His Cape * Stuart's Summer Adventure * Stuart's Christmas Adventure * Stuart's Summer Vacation * Stuart Goes to Mars * Stuart's Rocket * Stuart on the Moon * Stuart Grows a Moustache * Stuart Goes to the Jungle * Stuart Has a Good Halloween * Stuart's Sick * Stuart Goes to the Movies. We hope you will listen to our ideas and write another wonderful book. Thank You, Eastgate Elementary First Grade Bellevue, Washington
Sara, I just read your book Pax and you really need to make a Pax 2.It is such a interesting and heartbreaking story.I loved how you ended every chapter on cliff hanger.
Dear Sara Pennypacker, I love the series Clementine that you write. I think they are funny, exciting, and I love Clementine's personality! I think you're a great writer and you inspire young authors, like myself to write great stories. Someday I want to be a famous author like you!
Hi Sara - I am 7 years old and I finished the book of Clementine. My dad is reading it to me again and I really like it. Can you please please please tell me zucchini's real name ? Thank you, Ivanka karthik
We all loved the book Pax and hope you are able to continue the story with a second and maybe a third book. Peter and Zola are now family maybe that could be explored. Possibly, Pax could bring his new family to visit Peter and Zola and maybe find a new home near them. The kids say hello had fun dreaming up material to continue the story.
Hi Sara, My name is Kairi I am 9 years old in the 4th grade. I read Clementine for my summer reading project. I love Clementine because she funny, cute and named after my favorite fruit. I canít wait to read the next book.
Sara's Comments Thank you so much for being a big reader!
hi love your books so so so so so so so so so much my name is alex
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