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Dear Sara I LOVED Pax and I felt like Peter was kind of like a child to Vola. I was so inspired from your book that I adopted a fox from the sierra club and named him pax!! Amelia- age 8
hello miss penny packer! I'm marleena triplett and I just finished Pax. I wanted to make a book report for school and i wanted to do Pax. I would also like to have some information about you! It would be amazing to have you respond to my e-mail! have a nice day/evening
Sara, Thank you so much for writing Clementine into existence and bringing her to life. I was tickled by her antics and hope to write such an engaging character into my books for middle grade girls. Many thanks for reminding me how fun it can be.
Hi Sara, I just finished reading Pax to my daughter who nine years old. I am a teacher-Librarian and just bought this book for our school library this year. Unfortunately the libraries are closed due to the pandemic. I will read it to my class next and hopefully get it into the hands of other students soon. My daughter was a little sad at the ending but more at peace than I was. My heart lurched at the ending I felt a bit of anxiety and hugged my golden doodle tight. I could not imagine telling him to go and not seeing him again and telling him to go even if it was the right thing to do. I immediately ran to check if there was a sequel and am overjoyed that one is coming. Thank you for writing it as well as Pax in the first place!
Hello Sara, I wanted to let you know that I just finished "Pax." I haven't read a novel this tender about the love between a boy and his pet in a long time. I am 60 years old, but I so enjoy well-written novels for young people. My kids are 22 and 24 now, and I home-schooled them. How I wish this book had been around when they were young! But I am sure so many children and their parents must appreciate it now. Thank you for writing it. And I especially loved Vola and Peter's relationship. It was so amazing how they were able to help one another heal.
My son and I are enjoying PAX very much. I just took the time to read your NPR interview and as a former EP at Animal Planet, I so appreciate that you took the time to work with a red fox expert and stay true to the species (within reason, of course).
Grama Sue Sue and Grandkids
We are so enjoying reading Pax. The Grandkids would like to know if there is a movie about the book. I have looked on line and found trailers but nowhere can I find if the movie has been made. We hope so!!!!
Hi Iím a retired 4th grade teacher. I loved reading clementine to my class every year. This year, although Iíve been retired for 6 years, I am reading clementine with my 8 year old reluctant reader granddaughter. We FaceTime and share the reading. This is the first book she has really ever gotten excited about. She wanted me to write to you and tell you that she wishes your book would be made into a movie. Thank you so much for inspiring my reluctant reader . She will just go crazy if you can write back.
Dear Ms. Pennypacker, I really enjoyed the book, Pax. It made me really emotional at the end and I was wondering if you could make a sequel so Pax and Peter can see each other again. Your Fan, Ethan (age 8)
I really enjoyed pax,it was so diffrent from other books! I think pax is my favorite character! PS Im 10 years old and my names rylie
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