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Mrs. Abernethy and Ms. Escueta
Dear Ms. Pennypacker, Our class just read the first two Clementine books, and we loved them! We think you are a great author and we would love to read more of your books. Please write more! We promise we will read them. We are currently writing book reviews in our class. Some of us are writing about your books. We are recommending them to everybody. You and your books are amazing! Sincerely, Mrs. Abernethy and Ms. Escueta's 3rd Grade class
Marilyn Egner
Sara, I have only emailed an author one other time, suggesting that they consider a sequel, but after having read "Pax", I felt that I had to send a message to you, as well. I have a Little Free Library in front of my home and I have designated that only books about animals, nature, gardening and cooking be shared. I was at a place called "Care and Share" which is a mall of stores selling used items that is sponsored by the Mennonite Church. They have a book store, which I frequent, and I came across the copy of "Pax" and bought it for my "free Library". But I found that in scimming the first few pages, I was drawn in to the story and that I wanted to read it myself. It is a fabulous story - I throughly enjoyed it and I will be looking at some of your other books, as well. I found that the comment/recommendation by School Library Journal, "A startling work of fiction that should be read - and discussed - by children and adults alike" to be true. I liked to ideas of brining the topic of family loss, chidren having to cope with family loss, war, PTSD, the story of Sinbad, the Roc and the phoenix, a Michelangelo quote,the Buddhist concept of non duality, but most importantly the incorporation of nature in naming trees and medicinally used herbs. Your book offers so much to reader to ponder and to discuss that it is a book that should appeal to anyone! Thank-you for your story - I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon reading it. Marilyn
Dear Sara PennyPacker, Hi! My name is Alex. I love ( repeat LOVE ) Pax.When I heard book two was out I spent my time reading it (I also read it in bed). When I heard about the movie coming I jumped with joy. I was amazed! And then I thought “Wait. Will there be book three?” When I spent time googling till I found out there wasn’t. So I have a question. WILL YOU PLEASE MAKE A BOOK THREE? And in it can you put how Peter takes care of Silver (Pax’s daughter) and how Pax finds Peter after about 3 years they reunite. It would mean alot to me if you made book 3. Thanks!! Alex
Dear Sara Pannypacker, Hi my name is Brynn. This is my first time writing to an author. I have 8 pets including a bunny named Oliver that I show at the fair. I am 10 years old and my favorite month is. March. I enjoy playing outside with friends and family. I consider myself very artistic. When I do art I am usually done by my dwarf hamster named Ashton. I love my pets a lot. Your book Pax is one of the first books I've caught interest in. I think you put so much personality and hard work into your books. I admire the technique you write in. I love your books. If you write another book what would it be about? Do you have another job besides writing? What’s your backstory? Sincerely, Brynn
Cool book please make more!
Hi again i just want to say that i have a book bucket list and ALL your books are on there even tho i already read clementine
Hi Sara! I just finished Pax and have downloaded the second Pax book. Will you be writing a third book? I read a lot of children's books on Audible and I am 75 years old. At first I was very sad but as the book progressed then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Such a great book about life. I do hope that the children who read this will be able to understand the points that the book make about life. Thank you. Be safe. Take care. Stay healthy. Blessings
Dear Miss Pennypacker, I tried to send you a letter, but this was the only contact method I found. I loved your book "Pax". It inspired me to write my own book "Cross Spell". It's not published yet, but I hope to in the future. Your way of writing is so inspiring. You are the best author ever! I am only 11 years old and read a lot.
Dear Sara,I love Pax I am writing my own books too you made me want to write books I am really exited to read Pax 2.It would be really cool if Pax would be a movie me and my friends even made a chater pix for pax I am so exited to read Pax 2. From:Adriana.
I think Pax is a good book.I really want to meet you some day.I am going to read some more of your books one day.You are a great auther.
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