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Dear Sarah. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such an amazing book. My son Jack, who is 10 years old has sat reading Pax everyday. It’s been wonderful to see him engaged in a book like this. It’s the first book that we have seen him really enjoy reading. He’s even chosen reading it over playing on his Xbox! He’s just finished Pax so I have today ordered the next one. He’s even got a few of his friends at school reading it and they want to write their own book number 3! If you could please send him a message, he would be beyond thrilled to hear from you. Many thanks. Rebecca, UK 🇬🇧
Sara's Comments Thank you!
4th Graders in Mrs. Powell's Class
We LOVED Pax and Pax, The Journey Home and want to know if there will someday be a book 3 that tells about Bristol and Pax as a family and that tells how Peter is doing while raising Sliver.
I don't know how many tears I shed today. My heart swelled and my throat tightened time and time again as my 10 year old and I took turns reading to get through Pax, Journey Home. The lessons you have shared in this book and Pax have touched both me and Miriam. The honesty and truth you convey in each page and the inner workings a person goes through to push through trauma are so insightful and true. I appreciate what you bring to children's literature. I appreciate the characters you shared. I am glad these stories are in my heart. Thank you
Ava, Noah K., Noah M.
Dear Sara Pennypacker, Hello! We are a group of 5th graders from Coolidge Elementary School in Neenah, Wisconsin. We recently read your book “Pax” in our reading group and we all loved the book! All of the details are so mesmerising and interesting. We all thought it was so cool how you set the book up. Our favorite part of the book was when Peter reunited with Pax. We also all agreed that Vola was a great addition to the story. We all love her personality. We were wondering what inspired you to write this story. Did you know someone who owned a fox or do you just like foxes in general? We were excited to learn about the sequel, “Pax Journey Home,” and plan to read it soon. Our teacher also has “Clementine” in our class library. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and we hope to hear from you if you have time to respond. From, Ava Miller Noah Kinley Noah Meverden
Sara's Comments I just LOVE foxes - so very smart!
Hi!!!! My name is Emma Rolison and I am 12 years old. I love receiving mail and sending mail to other people. If possible I would love for you to list your address so I can send a letter to y’all!!! 💕💕🐾 thank you so much 😊
Hi, Ms, Pennypacker! My name is Lucy and I am in the 5th grade. I read Pax over the summer and loved it. My favorite characters were Vola and Bristle. Recently, I visited my local Powells bookstore in downtown Portland Oregon and stumbled upon Pax, Journey Home. It was the last copy in the new arrivals section. I found out later that it was actually signed by you! I am so stoked to read it. I also did a little research and learned Pax means peace in latin. Was that on purpose? I love your books and your style of writing. Thanks so much for what you do.
Hello Sarah, Our family are very much enjoying reading “Pax” over in the UK. We are, however, slightly confused by some of the language. The boys’ daddy is American and also an English teacher over here so he chose the book for them. On first reading, we assumed it was set in America as you write about baseball and coyotes. However, later you mention “trainers” and “rucksacks”. We thought these were British words and that over in the States you used “sneakers” and “backpacks”? Are we wrong? Thanks! The Winter family
Sara's Comments So interesting...I believe we should attribute these changes to UK editors adjusting the text a bit!
Hello! I recently stumbled upon your book, Pax at a local free bookstore I was voulenteering at. I threw the book in my keep pile after seeing the fox on the cover. Later that night I opened the book and read the first chapter. I was immediately drawn into it and couldnt stop reading. I loved the way it was written, how the story started, and all the emotions put into one book. The way it perfectly portrayed the Boy and his pet bond, everything about the book was simply lovely. I have just read Pax, Journey Home and Its as good if not better than the first book! I'm not generally a person who reads a lot of books but I couldnt pull myself away from these books. Again, I loved the way they where written and how they brought all your hopes up, then heartbreakingly back down. Thank you so much for these amazing books! I was wondering if you where planning on writing another book, however moreso focused on Sliver? and if so, I had a couple of ideas I wanted to throw out there. 1. An incident happens and Pax is forced to lead his family to a new home, leading to be Vola's farm. (he doesnt know until he one day sees peter) re-uniting Sliver with the family. 2. The government tries to take Peter from Vola as she is not his legal guardian. So maybe she adopts him? 3. Peter finds a girl he likes and she likes him and tries to get close as a friend to him, but he tries not to like her or get too close because he's afraid to love someone again. 4. (in this option they dont move to Vola's)Bristle gets sick and Pax has to try and find a way to help her, but he has no means of finding Peter, leaving him with no options other than searching for humans..that he doesnt know he can trust. Anyway those where just my ideas! Thanks again for the wonderful books and I really hope you write another. ~Abigail
Witam. Jestem Zosia mam 11 lat. Jutro w Polsce będzie premiera drugiej części Pax. Nie mogę się już doczekać. Uwielbiam książkę Pax rodzice w zeszłym roku kupili mi swój egzemplarz gdzie mogłam zaznaczyć moje ulubione fragmenty. W bibliotece Pani denerwowała się jak co miesiąc wypożyczałam tę samą książkę. Realny świat też bardzo mi się podobał. Czekam na więcej Pani książek. Poprawiałam już wszystkie słabe oceny w szkole by dostać Pani wszystkie książki. Za każdą dobrą ocenę ze sprawdzianu jedna Pani książka, tak obiecali mi rodzice 😁 Szkoda, że mieszka Pani tak daleko chętnie zaprosiłabym Panią do mojej szkoły. Pozdrawiam serdecznie Zosia
Susan O'Neill
A couple weeks ago, I picked up Pax Journey Home because Greenlight Books had it on display as a "signed first edition," and I figured my brilliant 7-year-old grandson in France would enjoy a book about a fox. I mean, who doesn't? Today, I went back and bought Pax, because I figured I should start at the first book. It's nearly 2 am, and I've just read Vola's discussion with Peter of her loss of herself in war, and...I just wanted to tell you, it's so true it makes my teeth ache. Kinda pisses me off, because I could never, ever express it as well--and I'm a writer. So...Dyableman you, Sara Pennypacker, for being so good at what you do! I can only imagine how amazed my son will be, if Raphaël lets him read the book to him, at the quality of this piece of literature. And the plus of the Klassen illustrations--the kid has every one of his picture books. Thank you so much for the gift you're allowing me to send off to the boy who breaks my heart by living so far away. Susan O'Neill
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