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Dear Sara Pennypacker, My name is Lia Segal and I am 9 years old (turning 10). I've read the series Clementine and I loved them all. I have not read all of your books, for instance I've just ordered Pax online and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I wanted to tell you that I really love the books Clementine and Clementine herself. She is a sweet, smart, adventurous, interesting and awesome girl, that you just can't get enough of. I was very upset when I found out that there are no more books and I really, really, really hope that you consider writing more books of Clementine (if you can a lot more). By the way, you're my favorite author. Love your biggest fan, Lia
Hello Ms Pennypacker - just a quick message to say that I am finishing PAX this evening - and what an emotional rollercoaster it is! From the heartwrenching start where Peter and Pax are separated, to Peter's search, Pax's discovery of the larger World around him, Vola's reintroduction to the nearest town, ending her self-induced isolation, all written in a simple prose that strikes right into your heart and mind. Already I am dreading the ending for I know that, once again, I shall be in tears. Please please please write more such beautiful stories!
Dear Ms. Pennypacker, I just finished reading Pax. At first I didn't want to because, after reading the first chapter at the bookstore, I was mad that an author would inflict such a devastating start on her readers. But then I realized my anger was misplaced, and it really boiled down to this: I wasn't sure if I'd have enough guts to read it through to the end. I was scared for your characters. I was scared for myself. Regardless, I had to know if Pax and Peter would be ok. So I took the leap, bought it, and I'm glad I wasn't out in public when I read the rest of it. Never has a book made me consistently sob. Not a single page was safe, and I was left emotionally wrought and blubbering with each and every read. Raw, beautiful, truthful, and merciless, Pax is now my very favorite book. I can't imagine the strength and heart it must have taken to write something like this. Thank you for telling this story.
Sara, I just read an excerpt from Pax at 1 a.m. while doing research on book design for my MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. I am so invested already, and am struck by Jon Klassen's illustrations as well. My hardcover is on its way as I type this so I can continue learning about the hero's journey(s) of Peter and Pax. I cannot wait to literally turn the pages! I see your travel schedule ends in October? Would you be out East at any point in the future by chance? Thank you for this narrative, which is inspiring me to explore my own voice as an emerging writer—a midlife quest finally taken down off the shelf. Will try to get a few winks in before exploring the helpful list of writing books on craft that you also recommend.
Dear Sara, I bought 'Pax' on Saturday and couldn't put it down. As a secondary school English teacher I was feeling a little low and went to the bookshop to cheer myself up. 'Pax' called to me with its wonderful autumnal cover. It's everything a book should be - it's moving and clever and speaks a truth. I loved the parallels and the journeys the characters went on. I will be going to school this week and reading the first pages to my Y7 classes (11 year olds) to encourage them to pick up a book they like the look of - I might even lend them my copy of Pax. It's perfect.
Dear Sara, My name is Zinnia, and I am 6 years old. My papa has read me all of the Clementine books in the world, and I wanted to say that I loved all of them. I like how funny it is when Clementine helps Principal Rice look for ceiling snakes. I also love the artwork. Thank you.
Sara, I am a 3rd grade teacher, and just love all your books, but especially Pax. The first time I read it to my class, I had a student who had a hard time sitting still, but he was just entranced by Pax. :) I am wondering...have you considered a book about Vola? She was such a richly described character, and it would be so exciting to hear the rest of her story!! Thanks for the stories that enrich our hearts and imaginations! :)
Dear Sara, I was wondering if there is going to be a sequel to Pax or a movie. If not I hope you take that idea into consideration.
Maria Jślia
Hello Mrs. Pennypacker, i had finished Pax 1 minute ago and i need to know what happens after the end of the book, will Pax visit Peter? Peter will see Vola again? what happens with Peter after he grows old? what happens with Peter's father? Pax will have puppies with bristle? (they are a cute couple) please i need to know what happens. Looking forward to hearing from you. (I am brazilian, sorry for my english)
Hello Sara. I just read Pax before giving it as a gift to my grand nephew. Where does your story take place? I can't put the pieces together. Coyotes are native to North America.
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