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Hi Sara, Will you please write book 6 for The Clementine Series. I am 9 years old and I really,really like these books. Thank you, :) Noelle
Sara's Comments Oh, the Clementine series is finished. However, have you read the Waylon series? There are 3: Waylon! One Awesome Thing; Waylon! Even More Awesome; and Waylon! The Most Awesome of All. I think you will love Waylon!
Sara, Iím on page 29 of the most wonderful book, PAX. Thank you for the privilege. I shall return when I have completed the book.
Paige M.
Mrs.Pennypacker,I really enjoyed your book Pax.The story line made the box really interesting.I liked how the chapter were always a different character and I really enjoyed Peter and Pax meeting up at the end. I really connected with this because my dog has gotten lost and I understood how Peter felt. Then ending was extremely sad and I would like to know what inspiration was to end the book like this? Also,what was the inspiration to make this book? Lastly, what is your favorite part about this novel? The book was great and I definitely would read it again.
I read one of your books Pax, and i have to say it was very good story. I enjoyed Peterís and Paxís different sides of the story. I understood both of them. I loved the way you write the story. I was 1% out of 100% little disappointed that Peter and Pax are not going to be together again but I was happy that Pax is a wild fox now. Most wild animals would live in the wild more than being tame and with humans. If I were a tame animal and was abandoned in the forest, I would actually live in the forest quietly and staying safe from humans. I would stay discreet. I would keep my good memories of being with my human(s) and never forget them. I thank you for writing this book! -Sofya
Charlie Metzgar-Rugg
Dear Sara Pennypacker, In class we were given an assignment to decide if a book was a widow or a mirror. The book that I chose was your book Pax because it showed me what people's lives are like when they have a mean father and a dead mother and a pet who is so incredibly far away. One reason that your book was and is a window for me is because I wouldnít know how to live If I didnít have my dog Ginger was more than 100 miles away. A second reason that I think that this book was a window is that I didnít know that people had to leave their pets behind and not know if they die. Sincerely, Charlie Metzgar-Rugg
Amelia Thompson
Dear, Sara Pennypacker Me & my class read your book Pax & we loved it! Thank you for writing this fabulous book. sincerly, Amelia
Hi, I loved PAX alot. Thanks, Alvie
Dear ms Pennypacker, My class read your book Pax and as soon as I read the first page I fell in love.
This was an amazing book, PAX was just so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved every minute of it though I wanted to thank you for making it available in audio format as well. I read a long while listening to the book. I cannot read from cover to cover on my own due to a visual impairment when I was just a little baby. But the emotion behind every thing was there and present. I am just so left without words to describe how good the book was and is.
Year 5 J and A Windsor School Bahamas
Dear Ms Pennypacker, We read 'Clementine' in our Library lesson earlier this year. We adored the book. We loved most that it was hilarious. At one point (page 20, the naming of Polka's kittens) while reading to us, Ms Margaret laughed so hard that she cried. Our favorite lines were: "I'm allergic to sitting still." and "Do you have a tattoo?" We corrected Ms Margaret every time she read "bracelets". We liked Clementine's character because she reminded each of us a bit about ourselves. We liked her family and how her mum and dad always supported her. Three of us have since read 'Pax'. Two others are continuing Clementine's series. Ms Margaret read 'My Enemy's Cradle'. If you ever travel to Nassau, The Bahamas, please visit our beautiful school. Thank you, 5 J and A Windsor School Bahamas
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